Childcare options for parents

Parents have five options for childcare and early education. These include home-based care, center-based care, family daycare, business-related crèches, and outside-school-hours care.

Childcare is also known as early childhood education and is focused on helping children aged up to five years old with important social and cognitive skills.

All children have the right to access childcare services. Parents are responsible for finding the best childcare for their little ones.

Home-based childcare

Home-based care is when a family member like a grandmother or other relative care for the child in their own home.  Parents usually choose this option when other childcare options are not available for them. Child care can be regular or occasional when grandparents just look after the children on certain days.

 Some families even hire babysitters or nannies to look after their children. Nannies are generally more experienced and are better than hiring a babysitter who could do well as a temporary option but not a permanent one.

Choosing center-based daycare at childcare  Park Ridge

Center-based daycare includes long day care and occasional care.  Long daycare suits many families who work on weekdays. Several childcare centers offer occasional care for families who would need someone to look after their children a few times a week.  Parents who work irregular or unpredictable hours prefer this option.

Preschool or kindergartens offer education and care programs for children aged 3 to 5. There are several advantages of choosing center-based care because it is reliable and has qualified early childhood educators.

Family daycare by an approved educator

At a Family Day care, the child is looked after by an approved educator in their home.  It provides a home based environment but offers learning and development programs for children allowing them to socialize with their peers. The environment is quieter and is the first choice of parents who feel that their child would thrive in such an environment.  Family daycare is flexible but not as reliable as center based care. You may need to find backup care if the educator is sick and unable to accommodate your child.

Business related creches

Gyms or shopping centres offer informal childcare services. They may charge fees or add the fees to the overall cost of the membership or their services.

It can be a good option especially if you need care for a brief time.  Children can play and socialize with other children. However, business-related day care does not have to meet the same requirements as center-based daycare or family daycare. They will not help your child develop the way a quality early childhood education program.

Outside school hours care for children

There are several daycare centres that provide after school hour care for families who need care before or after school.  However, it is only offered for primary school age children.

If you’re trying to decide what kind of childcare is right for your family you need to ask yourself questions like how many hours of childcare do you need each week and what are the childcare options in your area. You might also want your child to be educated and cared for enter reliable childcare center. We urge you to check out Park Ridge childcare services, and talk to their representatives so you can decide if their institution matches your family’s interests lifestyle and values.

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