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With the passage of time, paper albums were replaced by hard drives, and there are few memories that can be held today.

The world of photography has expanded. In the market, you can find various devices and components for both professionals and amateurs, in order to obtain crisp, optimal and amazing images.

The same goes for printing photographs. A few years ago it was very expensive to have the equipment to print photos, necessary to attend the studios and specialised houses and pay for the development and printing. This situation changed and today, getting a high-quality photographic print is simpler and cheaper.

If someone is looking for a highly optimised printed image, the solution is in a photo printer. It is a special type of printer, high-tech inkjet, which produces a perfect and clear impression. The greater the number of points per inch, the better resolution and better quality.

With this type of printers, you get photos with a high level of definition, colour and brilliantly superior. The resolution can range from 2400 × 1200 dpi in the most basic models to 4800 × 2400 dpi in the high range.


How to know what size to choose for the photo printing service?

  • Retro Photo printing service: ideal for storing memories in spaces that different people can access as corks or walls in general. By the white strip at the bottom, they have a vintage effect.
  • Print 10X10 photos: An ideal size for albums or agendas. Its dimensions make it easy to load.
  • Print photos 15X10: This is perhaps the most traditional size, which was normally printed when the rolls were revealed.
  • Print photos 25X20: The dimensions of these characteristics are favourable to put in pictures that are used to decorate offices, restaurants, and houses.
  • Print 40X30 photos: Because of this photo, it is recommended to use it for empty spaces, giving prominence to the image. For example, the photo of the day that the company, the restaurant or a wedding opened.

Why print the photos?

The digital world has become essential, and the photos taken accumulate on the memory cards. With the passage of time, paper albums were replaced by hard drives, and there are few memories that can be had on hand.

Photographic printing has numerous benefits, namely:

  • People can have the impression of an image that reflects a moment, person or special place, allowing anyone to relive the magical moments. In this way, the memories are made to last for a long time.
  • The photos look better on paper.
  • That photo can become a source of inspiration and motivation.
  • It will help to be a better photographer. People will have the opportunity to analyse the characteristics of the printed and digital version, and they will see the results of the applied technique and the equipment used. With this analysis, errors can be corrected and progress in the path of photography.
  • When a photographic print is made, the photographer learns about the types of paper, print quality and details that must be taken into account to correctly prepare the photos to be printed.
  • The price to hire a printing service is not very high. And if a person wants to preserve comfort, there is no need to worry, and people can order copies online. Although buying a photo printer, it is also an excellent option.

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