Types of child care options for your child

Every parent must reach a point when they have to decide on the kind of child care option that they should select for their children. This is because parents are busy and they have to earn a living for their children. Since parents cannot take their children to their places of work, they must ensure that they take care of them to the caregivers. There are different types of child care options that you should select as a parent, depending on the child care option that is best for you. The following are the most common types of child care options.

In-home daycare

In an in-home daycare, children are taken care of from one of the homes licensed to offer child care services to the children. The number of children that are in the in-home daycares is less since the space is limited, and also, the caregiver may be one, the owner of the home. One advantage of taking your child in in-home daycare so that they will get all the attention that they need for the number of children is less.

Traditional daycare centres

Some daycares offer their child care services only during standard working hours.  If the parents work half a day, then they only provide their services for half of the day. In case the parents work full time, then they will offer their services full time. This type of child care in Cranbourne North is called a traditional daycare.  The traditional daycare centres can be located in places like churches, community centres and schools.

Nanny child care

A nanny is a woman or a man that offers child care services for a specific parent.  The child care services that nanny offers are only limited to one parent. This means that if you select this type of child care, you will have to hire a nanny who will be offering the child care that you need from your house to your children only. The nanny can also do some other house chores, depending on the agreement that you have with them. The nanny is to provide full attention to your children at all times. This is one of the most expensive types of child care option since nannies will charge you on an hourly basis but offer quality services.

Shared nanny

As the name suggests, you will have to share a nanny. The shared nanny childcare option is like the traditional nanny only that the children offered child care services are of different parents. When you hire your nanny, you will have to agree with several patents on the central home where the children will be taken care of.  This type of child care gives children the chance to interact socially, and hence they get the opportunity to grow socially.

Au pair child care

Other parents want to have caregivers who are foreigners taking care of their children. This type of child care option is called the Au pair.  The caregivers are supposed to stay with you in your homes. Therefore, their services can be accessed at any time.

Babysitter child care

There are times when you need your child to be taken care of since you are busy or you want to get to a specific place. You can call caregivers to stay with your child for that time that you will be absent. This is the babysitter child care.

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